Psychologist and social researcher, graduated in Turin and specialized in occupational psychology at the Catholic University of Milan in 1985. After some significant experience as a qualitative researcher at Italian research institutes, he founded in 1991 Teseo, a company in which he is the manager and scientific director. Since 2004 he has collaborated with the Chair of the Psychology of Consumption in IULM University of Milan. He has conducted studies on brand personality and instruments for the evaluation of Brand Personality.




In 2006 he graduated in Psychology at the University of Milano-Bicocca; from the same year he has collaborated with Teseo. He currently holds the position of Head of quantitative research. From 2007 to 2011 he was in charge of the project "Customer Satisfaction in Healthcare", of which he managed both the organizational and methodological aspects. Since 2007, he has been responsible for computer programming, analysis and reporting of test for college freshmen orientation at the University IULM.




He graduated in philosophy with psychological address. He first carried out the clinical activity and then, starting in the 80s, different activities within the business consulting, both as a recruiter and as a trainer. Since the 90s he has devoted himself to the practice of qualitative research and he has collaborated with various companies. Since 2007 he has joined the staff of Teseo, specifically focusing on the banking and cooperative sectors. Expert in relationship marketing, he has played significant experience in the third and non-profit sectors.




In 2011, she graduated in Psychology of Social Processes, Decision Making and Economic Behavior at the University of Milan - Bicocca with an experimental study on responsible behavior.
The thesis was presented in a poster session in October 2011 at the National Convention AIP-Section "Psychology for organizations," Sense and perspectives from applying. New variations of the Psychology of work and organizations.
Already during the college she experienced in the field of market research, managing the organizational aspects and analysis of some research.
In Teseo from 2011, she has been responsible of the project "Customer Satisfaction in Healthcare",taking care also of the management and employees.